Terms & Conditions

1. The Agreement

Sarvapooja is spread over a wide scale that reaches the world and operates on the website https://www.sarvapooja.com. By using and accessing the website, you consent to the terms and conditions of the website which is effective at the same time and date that you access the site. Become more aware of the terms before accessing the information and the services that the website offers.
The terms constitute an official agreement between the users and the website. If you have a problem with some terms or do not want to comply with them then please refrain yourself from using the website.
The terms of the website are subject to change from time to time and to keep up to date with the modifications, it will solely be the responsibility of the user to go through the terms so as to know the alterations made and decide whether the terms are agreeable.
Sarvapooja reserves the right to put into effect the altered terms as soon as they are published on the website.
The specific or particular website areas may be subjected to the additional use of terms. By accessing such areas, you agree to be a part of the additional terms that govern those sections.

2. Purchasing Eligibility

The users who are entitled to make the purchase have to legally register and agree with the laws that our website follows.
In order to make the purchase there are certain personal information that you will have to share with us. For instance, your real name, e-mail address, shipping address, and other needed details. The details that we take from you are to ensure that the order reaches its rightful owner and to prevent the confusion that can damage our hard work and disappoint you.

3. Orders

The products that we offer to the users for sale are the ones that are in stock and are eligible for dispatch.
The increase in demands of the products sometimes overruns the capacity that we have in store, and in case the product ordered by you becomes unavailable we will notify you immediately.

4. Pricing Policy

The prices displayed on our website are in INR. The prices can change from time to time as per our understanding of the market and preference.

5. Order Acceptance

Once the order for the product is placed from your side, an e-mail acknowledging the placement of the order will be sent to your e-mail address. This email is the confirmation that we have received your order.
The confirmation of order dispatch will be an e-mail sent to you after the confirmation e-mail which will contain the tracking number of the order placed. This indicates that the product has been dispatched from our side and using the tracking number you can easily track the position of your product.
We reserve the right to prevent the order from being delivered to you if there are shipping restrictions on a certain order, the product is out of stock, fails to meet the quality standard, or if your region or you do not fulfil the criteria of acceptance. We will not be held accountable in such circumstances.

6. Payment

There are various ways in which you can confirm the payment from your side successfully, via electronic cards such as Visa, Master Card, PayPal, etc. once the payment transaction is fulfilled, the amount will be debited from the account provided and you will be redirected to the website.
Due to any issue if the payment is not transmitted to us then we will not be liable for the delay in the dispatch of the product ordered.
Every measure is taken to ensure that our website is safe and secure for the transaction procedures of the payment.
We take all the precautions and utmost care to make ordering and payments easy and safe. So, that there is no breaching of your payment grounds that might rob you or lead you to think of the process as a scam.

7. Insurance and Delivery

Free shipping is offered within India.
The time of delivery appears on the website, which is to be used as guide after the product has been dispatched. The website is not liable for any delay in the delivery caused due to the factors that are outside of our control. In this case, we will do everything that we can to minimize the delay in the delivery of the product.
We insure the product from the time it is dispatched to the time it is delivered to you. The signature for the arrival of the product is a must as it indicates that the responsibility of the product from us has now been transferred to you. In case the recipient is a neighbour or another person authorized by you to collect the delivery, their signature too shall imply that the responsibility has been transferred to you.

8. External Links

Our website may contain links associated with other websites, namely Third Parties. Such links are provided to you only as a convenience and not as an endorsement. If you choose to access the external links, it shall be at your personal discretion and we shall not be held liable for any misgivings arising out of such actions as taken by you.
Such links to external websites may or may not contain promotional material. If you wish to be a part of any promotional material, there are further terms and conditions that you must comply with.

9. The Grounds for Termination of your Service

In case you remove or alter any of the proprietary right notices on the website, which includes the trade mark notices as well as copyright notices.
In case you gather or harvest any of the privately identifiable details, which include the account name

10. General

The terms consist of all the things that the parties must with. None of the parties can count on formerly drafted documents, or anything that is done or said prior to this document.
Each point in these terms is severable. If for any reason the points or the terms listed become unenforceable, illegal or invalid as per the jurisdiction then that part will be either eliminated or modified. The rest of the document shall not be affected.

11. Indemnity

You give your consent to indemnity, and to hold and defend Sarvapooja harmless against any claims, suits, liability, judgments, causes of action, demand, litigation costs, recoveries, fines, losses, penalties of any nature or kind incurred by Sarvapooja, arising in or from any way associated with your use and access of the website, that includes but is not limited to the external links, as an outcome of your breach of any terms mentioned herein, the violation of law or rights of the external links from your side, or your use and access to the website.

12. Transaction between Sellers and buyers

The users are hereby informed that they might encounter false or fake websites that pretend to be the original one. Therefore, you are advised to indentify and verify the legitimacy and ownership of the website, andthat we shall not be held liable for any such encounters.
Each user must acknowledge the fact that he or she is responsible for using the website and purchasing the products or availing the services.
User must give their consent to provide complete and correct information and details asked for on the website for the smooth, safe, and appropriate handling and delivery of products.

13. Liability limitations

Our website and the contents on the website are offered on a “without faults”, “AS-IS”, and “as available” grounds and to the lawful extent, with no warranties.
The company is not liable for any punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages or loss arising from, or in a certain way, or is related to the use or the inability to use or access the website and its content, or the inability to become a part of the sales promotion, whether it is based on contract, warranty, or any other claim that is legal.
The company is not accountable or liable for any dysfunction or problem of technical kind. This includes but is not limited to telephone, online systems, servers, software, computer equipment, failure in delivery of e-mails, or traffic on the internet, anything that technically damages the user or the computer or the laptop of the user in association with the downloading of the data linked to the website.
The reference to any commercial good, service of the trademark, manufacturer, etc does not mean that the company endorses, recommends or favours such products and services. The perspectives and viewpoints of the document do not state or reflect those of the company.

14. Governing Jurisdiction

The terms stated as well as the access to the website is subject to the norms of the ethical web marketing that is practiced by websites. Any dispute in relation to the terms or to the handling of your private as well as general information is subjected to the jurisdiction.

The company would like to thank you for your co-operation. We hope that you find this website useful and convenient to use.

In case of any questions or comments in relation to the website, do not hesitate to contact us.